Friday, April 29, 2011

"America, You Will Be Humbled
Among the Nations"

"To the people of the United States:

"I am the One before all things, and I am the One bringing all things together. I am the Lord of the nations, both those who acknowledge Me and those who do not.

"In My heart I have cherished you, not because you are greater than other nations, but because I love and cherish each of My children, and you are not an exception! You are precious and priceless in My sight, and I love you as a father loves his own.

"It is because I love you as a father that I must discipline you.

"You have been proud and have exploited your brother and sister nations for your own interest. Few of your brother and sister nations have been as generous as you have, but few have also practiced as much deceitful control over nations as you have. You have both helped your neighbors and abused them.

"Woe to you! for your good deeds will not be remembered by the nations when your time comes to be humbled before all! Woe to you! for the nations will remember your abuses and return them upon you! Woe to you! because you have throught that you could help with one arm and harm with the other, but when both of your arms are tied your 'lessers' will make you drink the cup you had given them! Woe to you! because your pride has kept you from admitting your abuses and repenting so that you would have friends instead of enemies when the days of humbling come upon you!

"I cry and wail for you because of the suffering you will know when the cup you mixed returns to you. I mourn because you would not have it any other way, though I have sent you prophets to call you to repentance. What more could I have done for you?

"Now listen to Me, for I will not leave you but will give you comfort in the midst of your humiliation if you turn to Me. When you have been brought low, do not curse the nations for failing to remember your good deeds, and do not curse your leaders as if these things have come upon you because of their leadership, for I tell you that your pride would have brought about this fall regardless of who was leading your nation. Bless, and do not curse! Turn to Me and learn love for your enemies, just as I loved you while you were My enemies and gave My life for you.

"I will turn your shame into blessing and life if you repent, but if you mourn for your pride and curse those who have made you drink from your own cup, then there will be no light in your darkness and no healing for your wound. Yet among you I will raise up a people filled with My heart, and they will hear My call. They will go out to repent to the nations for your abuses. They will endure your mocking and your hatred, but they will be My prophets of redemption for you and for the nations. You will not be able to harm them for they will be My messengers to you and the nations. When you try to harm them you will only magnify their testimony and increase your own woe.

"Listen to My heart!"


Art: "For Our Rescue (Ending Rebellion)"

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