Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The End of All Things

God's intention for us with the book of Revelation is for us to discern His heart, and then step out in repentance to the world. Before He judges the wickedness of the world, the people who profess His name (but do not carry His heart) will be.
"The Lord, Yahweh of Hosts,
called you on that day to weep and to wail,
to tear out your hair and put on sackcloth."
(Isaiah 22:12)
Many want to be alongside Him in His power, dominion & victory, but many don't give a damn about people who don't know Him, or those who get wounded by the things we do in our right-ness along the way (and which often we do in His name).

If we don't know His heart, His agape love, we will misinterpret the book of Revelation. If we miss His heart (the love He has for people—even enemies—that compelled Him to go to Calvary), then we have not known Christ or the Father.

The End of All Things
Here Christ is holding the book of Revelation, a scroll that, if we read, means accepting the ashes that come with it (the call to repentance). And it means that there will be suffering and martyrdom for many of us, which we do not want or expect to have to go through.

But for others, we often prefer to *not* identify with the transgressors & unrighteous in the world. We are concerned about justifying ourselves, our actions, our pride, our groups or nations. We have a choice whether to accept the Scroll of Revelation --and the ashes of repentance & chains of martyrdom that come with it-- or we can wash our hands of responsibility (and His love) like Pontius Pilate did.

This painting is called "The End of All Things" because this is where all things head to: either to identificational love & letting go of one's life, or instead to making excuses in order to seem excusable.

In other words, He's calling us to carry the cross. And if we break that down here, we can focus on and understand it's about people who need Him, about accepting suffering, letting go of pride, identifying with transgressors instead of trying to appear righteous, and most of all being filled with His breaking heart in all these things.


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