Monday, April 25, 2011


"To the prophets:

"Behold I am setting a scroll before you.
I am calling you to speak the truth and to call nations to repentance.
And, I am calling you to lead the way in repentance.

"Many of you, or many people around you, have been using My name and My words
to support the ideas and actions of your nations,
political parties, causes, policies, campaigns and conflicts.
Some of you have used My name and My words to gain cheers
and offerings from audiences who have looked up to you as a prophet.
Some of you have become drunk on the wine of the nations
and on the wine of your ministries.

"I am calling you to repent.
I am also calling you to identify with transgressors around you
and repent on their behalf to those who have been wounded in My name.
I am calling you to represent your whole family,
for better or for worse, not just the presentable parts.

"I am calling you to come take this scroll—My heart—and speak My whole counsel
instead of just the part that you know will be agreed with and accepted.
I have not called you to financial prosperity.
I have not called you to material gain.
I have not called you to popularity or renown.
I have called you instead to take up your cross for Me
just as I took up Mine for you.

"Come, take it.
Can you swallow what I have to tell you?
Can you stomach it for the sakes of My people
and for the nations who need Me?"

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