Thursday, April 28, 2011

Greedy For Gifts

"What do you want, My people?
Do you want Me or what I can give you?
If I give you My blessings, will you remember Me?
Will you walk out the door and forget Me?
Will you talk to Me only inasmuch
as you get what you came for?

Many of you have come to Me as if I were a store.
Many of you have been 'witnessing' and spreading 'the kingdom'
by telling people about what they can get from Me.
Many of you have been telling people all about My things instead of Me.
You come for grain and new wine, but Me you have forgotten.

My people, how will you know when I have left the store?
How will you know when I am no longer here among you?
Will you come looking for Me even if I leave you
with the store and all My 'things' that you've wanted?

You can have blessings, power, anointing, miracles,
signs, wonders, and more, but these things are not Me.
And these things are not things that I've ever wanted you
to try and figure out the 'keys' or 'principles' to attaining.
You don't have to figure out how to 'get' them from Me!

I am happy to give you everything and more
if you simply want to be with Me.
(And I already have given you everything
when I gave Myself for you on the Cross.)

What good is it to gain all of these things and lose Me?
What good is it to gain all of these things
and lose your own heart?
If you don't have Me, you don't have your heart,
because I am your very life!

Behold, I will leave you with many 'things'
if you do not want Me Myself.
Repent and return to your first love!"


Art: "Greedy For Gifts"

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  1. Blessings from God is not always in those things we may dream of, a marriage, a family, a child, a good job, a fancy home. Blessings of God is something money cannot obtain... Joy, peace, sacrifice... only because of Him/Jesus. I wept terribly... so terribly I had no energy to climb the stairwell. I sobbed so hard into my pillow and beat on my chest. Many things we go after, and obtain on our own we want to call them Blessings of God... when in Heaven's Reality He never approved of them. I sobbed because for the first time in my life I yelled at God. It still hurts that my flesh would do such a thing. There is vain faith in believing God will yes; even if one thinks it is of Good. I ask Him to show me truth, and He does; even when it hurts terribly. This is a God who Loves me enough to HURT my flesh, because it was Good for me. After all... that which He does is for His Name's Sake. A Good Father knows how to rear His children. Yes and Amen... His Heart is for you. Blessings are upon you.


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