Monday, April 25, 2011

On the Waters

On the Waters

"To the Church:

"I am calling you to be set apart from the streams of the nations. You are not to be divided between My kingdom and the kingdoms of the world. I have called you to be one, to be bound together in My agape love.

"I promised I would lead you by still waters, by waters of rest. But the waters of the nations are troubled, and will become more troubled and divided in the days to come. Do not drink from them. Do not drink from the pride, prosperity or the righteousness of nations. Do not assume that because nations profess or deny My name that they are on My side or against Me. Stay apart from such judgments, lest you be swept away by them. If you drink of these waters you will become poisoned with their pride and their bitterness.

"I AM your kingdom. I AM your nation. I AM your heavenly citizenship. I AM your home and your country. You belong to the Jerusalem that is above, not to the Jerusalem that is below."

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