Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Go to the Cries Outside!"

"Go to the Cries Outside"

"To the Church:

"Come out! Come out from behind your walls! Come out, and your light will penetrate the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome you. But if you saty behind your walls, you will be overcome by darkness.

"I am opening before you a gap in your walls for you to walk through. Today, if you hear My voice, do not be afraid to follow Me beyond your walls! Do not be afraid if no one else is with you, for I will be with you, and I will be your light and your protection. Your walls cannot protect you from the darkness, but I can.

"Your walls have only kept you safe from being light in the darkness and from giving bread to the hungry. I have given you My light so that you may share it with them, but you have hidden it behind your walls. Yet you cannot hide from darkness behind your walls, and I will not hold the darkness back much longer. But if you follow Me, you will always walk in the light."

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