Friday, March 30, 2012

Ears to Hear Revelation

"Understanding the sealed writings
will be a prophetic declaration to expose
the hidden idolatry of those who profess to be My people
but who do not know Me or love My ways.

"My Son has already been revealed;
the unsealing of the end-times prophecies
will not complete the gospel,
for it is already complete.
Instead the unsealing of the prophecies
will reveal My Son in contrast to the altar
many have built to their own 'Christ'.

"Those who are wise will understand—
those who have heard My words and put them into practice.
But those who say, 'Lord, Lord' and set aside My commands,
will continue in their rebellion.

"The words of My prophets—past and present—
will be a witness to those who have ears,
but will be rejected by those who choose their own 'way.'

"Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit says—
the Spirit who testifies to Jesus and His commands."


Art: "The Witness of Revelation"

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