Friday, March 30, 2012

Prostituting For 'More'

"My beloved, My dearest, look to Me!
Look to me instead of to the law!
I am all the prosperity that you need!

"The inheritance I keep for you in heaven is My inheritance,
given to you freely because of My grace,
not earned by your obedience to what you think brings My favor.

"You think that you know the secrets to finding My favor
and gaining prosperity for yourselves,
but you don't realize that you have treated Me
as if you were a prostitute trying to get a customer!

"Because you have approached Me through 'principles'
you have never been able to rest,
but have always needed to 'go somewhere'—
to a 'higher level' or 'forward,'
into 'more authority' or 'a new anointing.'

"Beloved, I do not want you to have 'more' or to 'increase'—
I want you to return to your first love
and to lose yourselves in My heart.

"My love is everything!"


Art: "Beaten By the Cold"

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