Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rebellious Nation

"Pride! My children in America have built their own tower,
glorying in their power and prosperity,
and serving their own vision.

"My name has been added to their own agenda,
decorating their pride
and sanctioning it in their eyes.

"My kingdom is not an earthly country.
My ways are not the American way.
My foundation is not America's foundation.

"My foundation is My Son.
My law is love.
My kingdom is not of this world.

"You are confused, My children in America!
You have blinded yourselves by professing My name
while serving the gods of your heart—
greed, prosperity, pride and power!
My Son's name has become an ornament to you,
decorating the edifice of your patriotism!

"Turn from your rebellion!
Embrace My righteousness
instead of your own!"


Art: "Edifice"

1 comment:

  1. My heart weeps as I read what God has given you here! The shape and size of the "tower" is the same as the "mountain of children" I saw in a dream years ago, and the reason I wrote the book, "The Naked Truth...".

    In our blindness and confusion many of us who profess to know God have built upon our own righteousness instead of His!!!


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