Friday, March 02, 2012

Not of This Earth

"I am at rest!
I am not afraid of what you are afraid of, My people.
I am the Beginning and the End—
I see the end of all things,
and I have joy!

"The earth will shake,
the skies will fall,
the nations will be in conflict,
and oppression will increase;
but I cannot be moved.

"Peace I give you in Myself—
not in the world.
My peace is not in politics or laws;
My peace is not won by your wars.
My righteousness is not accomplished by your efforts.

"Behold, I am enthroned!
I am above the kingdoms of the earth,
and My peace cannot be taken away!
My throne is secure,
and I will inherit the nations.

"I do not need the praises of governments
or the acknowledgement of My name in the laws of the nations.
Do not leave My peace by seeking these things;
do not confuse My kingdom with the kingdoms of the world.
I desire only hearts, My people!"


Art: "Above All"

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