Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Better Hope

A Better Hope

"My people, you are citizens
of the kingdom that is from above,
but instead of setting your hearts on what is above,
you have set your hearts on things below!
You want to create the old covenant kingdom
in your nations and in the world!

"I conferred My kingdom on you by being your servant,
but you want Me to lord over nations with you instead!
The hope you have is the same hope Judea had
when I came to bring them the new covenant.
They did not recognize Me or receive Me,
and neither have many of you.

"For I am not the 'Messiah' that you are hoping
will come vindicate your righteousness
and transform your country into My kingdom.
My kingdom is not of this world;
I did not want to be made 'King' by force in Judea,
and I do not want you to make Me 'King' by force today.

"Beloved! Hear My call!"


Art: "Gently Broken"

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