Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fulfilling Prophecy

"To Christians who have married themselves to Zionism:

"I took you from every tribe, tongue and nation on the earth
and brought you into My covenant—the new covenant in My blood.
I taught you that My Father's loves the world so much
that He gave Me so that the whole world might live through Me.
I anointed you and clothed you with power from on high
so that you might go out to every tribe, tongue and nation
teaching the gospel and obedience to My commands of agape love.

"But you have rebelled against My covenant and My commands!
You have taught every tribe, tongue and nation
to seek My favor through 'standing with Israel' and Zionism
instead of solely through My blood shed on the Cross.
You have preached favoritism for the circumcision
instead of the love of My Father for all people.

"You believe that you are helping to fulfill prophecy,
that your devotion to Israel is preparing the way for My return;
I tell you that indeed you are fulfilling prophecy,
for you are deceiving the inhabitants of the earth!
You are using national and economic influence to coerce nations
into bowing to the nation that was wounded by the sword but lived.

"My Father revealed His glory in the face of His crucified Son,
in whom are all the treasures of His wisdom and knowledge.
But you have rejected knowledge in favor of 'mystery';
to follow 'prophecy' you have ignored My law of agape love!
Because you turned your back on My testimony and My commands
you have become the beast that rises from the earth:

'a great apostasy from every tribe, tongue and nation,
rejecting the fullness of God in His Son for an anti-Christ,
teaching blasphemy in My name among the nations;
without knowledge becoming like a brute beast,
like creatures of instinct to be caught and destroyed;
leaving the way of righteousness to perish in darkness.'

"My two witnesses are testifying among you,
calling you to repentance and back to the Cross.
Come out of Babylon, My beloved!"


Art: End-Time Fulfillments

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