Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Making War Against the Lamb

"What has My beloved become?
I called her to live in My love,
but she prefers warfare!

"I hold out My love to her,
but she comes to me demanding that
I give her earthly power and prosperity!

"When I do not answer her,
she speaks in My name
and seizes what she wants!

"When My messengers call her to return to My love,
she mocks and stabs them to keep My love
from interfering with her having all she wants.

"Why won't you let Me save you
from your prostitution, My beloved?
But didn't I know beforehand that you
would abuse My love and My name?
Haven't I seen all things from beginning to end?
Yes, I spoke about you long ago:
in you My words about Babylon are being fulfilled."


Art: "That It Might Be Fulfilled"

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