Monday, September 10, 2012


"My beloved, I loved you while you were My enemies.
Therefore I love the ones you call 'enemies',
even those who seem to be the farthest away from Me.

"I am not calling you to defeat your 'enemies',
but to walk among them as I walked among you,
carrying burdens and giving rest to the weary.

"Look! The mark of the beast is the spirit of the beast:
its desire for its kingdom and its belief in its 'right'
to use force to attain and defend it.

"My people, what is your reaction to those you see as 'enemies'?
How will you treat those who follow after the beast?
What is the manner of your spirit towards them?

"Do you love them as I do?
Can you hear My Spirit
and My heart?"


Art: "Spirit-led"

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