Sunday, September 02, 2012

Harbingers of 'Judgments'

"Many false prophets are declaring that
disasters, economic upheavals, wars and diseases
are My judgments and My warnings of coming judgments.
But I did not send them to speak!

"To the eyes of the flesh,
their words appear to explain
and reveal My mind—
but it is not the mind of Christ.

"Those who do not know the spirit of My Son
—that I have fully revealed My heart in Him—
they cannot understand the manner of the spirit
of their 'prophetic declarations.'

"They attempt to discern My heart according to the law,
and they declare judgments and condemnation in My name;
their proclamations are not Spirit and life, but death—
for the law is unable to bring righteousness.

"They prey upon fears of apocalyptic danger.
Their words appeal to the desires of the flesh
to avoid suffering, to preserve earthly prosperity
and to be harbingers of 'the only true way.'

"Do not be deceived,
and do not be afraid!
Choose to walk instead
in the peace of Christ."


Art: "Deducing Judgments"

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