Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not Welcome

"I am not welcome in My house!
I stand at the door and knock,
but many Christians have become deaf
to My voice and My commands.
I cry out to them through My messengers,
but My voice cannot be heard.

Those who proclaim My teaching are rebuked,
while those who reverse My message are lauded.
My people are encouraged to desire prosperity and riches,
to fight for political power and earthly freedom,
to praise and give thanks to the weapons of the world,
and to seek after miraculous signs and wonders.

My people have rejected My leadership;
instead they have chosen to follow the same 'Messiah'
that the people of ancient Judea desired.
A different 'Christ' has been set up in My temple
and proclaimed itself to be 'God',
teaching My people to abandon the law of Christ.

I tell you the truth:
the antichrist has come."


Art: "Greedy For Gifts"

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