Friday, September 21, 2012

Lament For Babylon

"Babylon, Babylon! Fallen, fallen forever!
I gave you My everything in My life on the Cross.
I gave you Myself to be your sure foundation.
I gave you grace and mercy.
I only asked you to abide in My love,
for I wanted you as My beloved.

"But you did not abide in My love.
You built walls magnificently high
to set yourselves apart.
You boasted of the grace you received,
but loathed being gracious to others.
You never knew Me.

"You thought you knew My 'values'
and you built your house on these
instead of on Me and My love,
the only foundation that will endure.
You thought standing on your platform
was the mark of a true believer.

"You became like brute beasts,
like unreasoning creatures of instinct.
You had your platform and your walls;
you didn't need to think or reason.
You reacted to outsiders like animals,
understanding only threat and appeasement.

"You were not content to be
marked as My disciples by My love,
so you built walls of division
and a platform of 'values' as if these
were the proof of following Me.
You made your own 'mark'.

"You marked yourselves as disciples of the beast:
as those who sought an earthly kingdom,
as those who wanted their 'right' and inheritance,
as those who took up the sword against any
who stood between you and your 'right',
and as those who did not know My heart and spirit.

"I loved you, I loved you dearly!
I called you out, but you would not leave Babylon!
I sent messengers to you, but you rebuked them!
I shook what you had built, but you kept building!
I warned you, but you would not listen!
I wanted you as My beloved, but you did not want Me."


Art: "After Babylon"

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