Saturday, September 29, 2012

Leaving the Faith

"Many of My people have fallen into a drunken sleep!
Dispensationalism has mixed into the new covenant
the old wine of the old covenant and its promises,
and now many of My people are unable to believe in
My faithfulness based on the Cross alone!
Dispensationalism has replaced My foundation with 'Israel'!

"My people are taught that the truth of My word
is seen in 'Israel' more than in the Cross:
they are taught to measure the truth of My promises
by whether or not I fulfill prophecies to Israel
in the flesh and on the earth rather than
in the eternal Spirit through the Cross.

"The slow-acting poison of Dispensationalism has
taught My people to anchor their faith in the circumcision!
The ears of many have become dulled in the end times
to hearing My Spirit and attuned to 'another gospel'!
Many have set aside obeying the law of Christ in order
to obey the interpretations of prophecy made by the Antichrist.

"Return! Return, My people!
Return to the Cross alone as the only
necessary proof of My faithfulness!"


Art: "The Abomination That Causes Desolation"

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  1. Fertile ground for those who follow false Hebrew Roots teachers, and from there convert to Judaism fully... because Israel and the Law have become their gods. I love Israel deeply. There are people I know there, and love them deeply. I know Jesus loves them too... but we do them a disservice if we think we are their savior as a nation. They can have only one Messiah.


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