Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hearts of Stone

"My people are being led astray
by the pride of their hearts!

Because they crave to be strong,
they look down upon the weak.

Because they seek to control their fate,
they put down any person in their way.

Because they worship 'self-made' people,
they despise those who need to ask for aid.

Because they glory in their accomplishments,
they cannot esteem those without worldly success.

Because they believe in using violence righteously,
they believe all of their violence has been righteous.

Because they value their right to material happiness,
they object to the gospel of the kingdom of heaven.

The hearts of My people have
become as hard as stone!

Who will cry out and weep for My people?
Who will go and call them to repent,
to let go of their hearts of stone
and accept My heart instead?

You who have ears to hear,
can you hear My heart
breaking for My people?"


Art: "A Hare"

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