Monday, January 14, 2013

"Will You Still Love Me?"

"My precious children, My precious children,
I love and cherish Your affection for Me
and your desire to love Me more!
I treasure your praises and your sweet words!
I love you so much, so much more than you know!
I want to open your hearts to know Me and My love
in even greater depth than you already know.

But, My precious children, will you let Me?

I may open your eyes to see idols
that you did not recognize as idols;

I may open your ears to hear cries among you
of suffering that you could not hear before;

I may ask you to lay on the altar
your pride in your people and your nation;

I may call you to love your enemies and reach out
to help heal the wounds they have suffered;

I may reveal errors in your beliefs
and set a choice before you:

Will you love Me,
or will you love your idea of Me?
Will you truly follow Me, or will you
close your ears and turn away in your hearts?"


Art: "Pardon Me"

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