Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Gospel of Christian Zionism

After the heartache of "The American Patriot's Gospel",
I hoped God would never call me to do such a thing again.
But the next day He asked me to...

"Desecrate My word as My people have with Christian Zionism:
Take a New Testament and paint an Israeli flag over it,
just as My people have put Israel over the New Covenant.

Bend the Bible and force it to stay open at Romans 11,
for Christian Zionism and Dispensationalism have bent and forced
the whole New Testament to fit into their interpretation of this passage.

Paint the edges of the Bible gold,
for My people have made 'Israel' the center
and the rest of My word to be decoration around it.

Cut the sides of the entire book of Romans and twist them,
for its good news for all people has been cut apart and twisted
to seem as exclusively 'Jewish' as a prayer shawl.

Just as My people have done to My words,
use white-out to cover over whatever does not fit
with the beliefs and goals of Zionism.

Woe! For I loved and gave grace to all peoples in the Son of David,
but He has been replaced with an image of the 'Star of David'
that My people love, honor, and bow to out of fear of judgment!

'Israel' has become a prayer shawl My people put over themselves
to hide themselves from the truth and the cries of Palestinians,
believing such pious favoritism will gain My favor and blessing!"


As I held this, Lord, I was struck by how much it felt like an idol. It doesn't look as shocking as the "Patriot's Gospel"... it seems like it's actually made to look beautiful, until you really sit and look at it soberly, and think about which words were covered with white-out in order to paint this picture. Then the grief pours in — Your grief.

"My people have replaced Me with another 'god',
My way with another 'way',
My kingdom with another 'kingdom',
My commands with other 'commands',
My new covenant with the old covenant,
and My salvation for the world with 'Zionism' for Israel."


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  1. The fallen nature demands a cause. It disregards the plight of people in favor of a cause. Even if that cause is Biblically convoluted it still feels like victory. It is the American spirit and not the Spirit of Christ.

  2. One of the grandest schemes of the 20th century to defraud Christians of their rightful inheritance has been the demonically inspired system of theology known as dispensationalism which places undue focus on a corrupt and sodomic piece of real estate in the near East known as Israel. Blessings to you for weeping for the many sins of Zionism. May those with ears to hear and eyes to see come to their spiritual senses before the door is shut.

  3. God weeps through those who have eyes to see and ears to hear the cry of His heart... for all nations, including Israel and Palestine, are His inheritance in Christ.

  4. Jesus Christ is Israel, and those found in Him.


Be blessed in His heart today! His heart is for you!