Sunday, May 01, 2011

"Pick Up Your Candle and GO!"

"Pick Up Your Candle and GO! (Fan this flame!)"

"My precious people, My candles in the dark, you are beautiful to Me! The flame of your love for Me shines always before Me.

"Why have you hidden behind the walls of your buildings and programs? You have grown afraid that your light will not shine without them. You have grown timid and weak in fear of losing your flame by going outside. And now you lament that your fire diminishes, that your people decrease and your 'church' is not what it once was. Can you not see that your walls and your services are choking your fire instead of protecting or fanning it?

"I am Lord over the winds outside your walls! Pick up your candle and GO! Do not be afraid! Hide no longer in the shadows! Do not wait behind the walls of your ritual time and gathering, or you will watch and mourn as your flame grows smaller and smaller. Go forth and shine!"

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