Wednesday, July 18, 2012

End-Time Fulfillments


"Apostasy! Apostasy! Apostasy has begun in My temple!
False prophets have come and led many astray!
A different 'Messiah' is called upon to bring a different kingdom—
the kingdom that Jerusalem sacrificed Me for
and the kingdom that Israel sacrifices its neighbors for today."


"I am being sought for power and victory over enemies.
My beloved wants to make Me 'king' over nations and governments.
My beloved wants me to take dominion,
to give favor and prosperity to the righteous,
and to condemn sinners and the ungodly.
My beloved has left the gospel of My kingdom
and is seeking the favors of another.
It is not Me but another 'Christ' she has fallen in love with."


"My people cannot wait for My deliverance.
They do not trust in My salvation;
instead they defend their cause with their own hands!
They can only see 'enemies' as being other people;
they cannot see the enemies inside their own hearts.
They see their rebellion as their salvation,
and they fear the loss of their nation and freedom
more than they fear the loss of their soul.
They cannot enjoy peace because their light
comes from their swords instead of from Me."


"My people are building on sand instead of on My teachings.
They whitewash their lawlessness with My name
and with the appearance of morality.
With My words they build walls of division and judgment.
They proclaim that I stand on their side
instead of on the side of all people as My gospel declares—
for I took the sins of all and died for all.
Because they have forsaken My law of love
in order to build a place for themselves in My name,
I will sweep away the 'kingdom' they believe in."


"I have called witnesses to speak My word to My rebellious people.
My witnesses declare My righteousness alone
and call My people to repent of their adultery.
My witnesses call My people to obey My commands—
to love one another as I loved you, even your enemies.
My witnesses put on sackcloth and repent
for how My people have abused the nations in My name.
My witnesses cry out to Me to save their enemies,
to bring all people to repentance,
and to know My love for them above all."


"Dead signs and wonders are being hailed
as the mark of My approval and My authority.
Hollow words are called 'prophecy' and My people
are taught to seek blessing under their shade.
By seeking power instead of My spirit—My heart—
My people have wandered after the great delusion.
Because they set aside My righteousness and My commands,
My people cannot recognize the spirit of the antichrist."


"Woe! Woe! My professed followers
are not preparing the way for 'revival'—
instead they are preparing the way for their own desolation!
They have turned from My testimony to their own righteousness!
They have turned from My law of agape love
to their 'right' to self-preservation and prosperity!
They have chosen rebellion—
the abomination that causes desolation.
Repent, My beloved, repent before you are overtaken
by desolation in the house of Babylon!"


Art: "Signs of the Time of the End"

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