Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Setting Up the Delusion

"Lament! Lament! I am full of lament!
Many among My people cannot see the sinister spirit
behind supporting the 'right' of Israel to increase their land
before increasing their love for their neighbors.

"My people do not apply My commands to Israel,
and do not obey My commands towards their own enemies.
Being My 'chosen ones' has become a matter of merely
saying My name or possessing a certain DNA in your flesh.

"My ways are set aside and in their place is set up an image—
the suffering of Israel, and her righteousness.
My people are taught that I am with those who honor the image,
and that I am against those who do not honor it.
To many among you Israel has become the plumb line
to test who is on 'the right side'—on My side—and who isn't.
But in My sight the only plumb line is My Son,
and His command to love one another as He loved you.

"I am sending prophets to those who call themselves My 'house',
to cry out against the image and its declarations.
I am sending My witnesses!"


Art: "The Abomination That Causes Desolation"

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