Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"My Kingdom and My Father's Will"

"My kingdom will come at the appointed time.
I have called you to submit to My Father's will
in the ways He brings about the kingdom on earth.
As heaven obeys My Father's will,
and as I submitted to My Father's will,
so I have called you also to obey
My Father's will instead of your own.

"I have not called you to take dominion over the kingdoms of the earth,
nor have I called you to make the kingdoms of the earth into My kingdom.
Just as it is My Father alone who sets the time of My return,
so also it is My Father alone who hands Me the kingdoms of the earth.

"Until the last day,
My kingdom will not be in the world
but will be within you.
My kingdom is not of this world,
for the world's treasures
are power, wealth, and land—
but My treasures are your hearts.

"Seek My kingdom first,
and let My Father take care
of all other things."


Art: "Not Of This World"

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