Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Call For Wisdom

"Do you want to understand what has been sealed?
Ask Me, but only if you are willing to share My grief
and only if you are willing to wear sackcloth—
to repent to your neighbors, your enemies, and to nations.

Understanding the scroll of Daniel
—which only the Lamb can open—
will be sweet in your mouth
but bitter in your stomach.

You will taste the love of the Lamb
and see that all points to Him,
but you will also understand how those
who bore His name have left His love.

And you will weep,
even as I weep.

I will send you forth
to speak My heart,
to sow My word in tears.

You will weep during the night,
but rejoicing will come
in the morning, on the Day
when the Lamb comes."


Art: "Understanding the Scroll"

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