Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Friends of Job

"My child, many are confusing you and filling you with doubt:

When you are weak, they say it as a sign of sin;
when you are poor, they say you are cursed;
when you are sick, they say you are in rebellion;
when you are unconvinced, they say it is your pride.

Many who claim to know Me and My ways
have become the same as the friends of Job.
I called them to sympathy and to carry your burdens,
but they have put burdens on top of you instead.

I am not speaking through their condemnation.
Do not be discouraged by their wise-sounding words,
for they know nothing if they have not love;
their wisdom is Jezebel's, not Mine.

I am with you, My child."


Art: "Problem-Solving"
See also: "Jezebel's Secrets"


  1. Powerful! TY FOR THE WORDS & IMAGE.

  2. A balm to my heart. Encouragement for a weary soul. Ramone, your prophetic art is a gift to the world. Glory to God for such gift!

  3. You bless me and so many others with your prophetic art! Yes, it is a gift from the Giver of all good gifts to bless the world! :-)

  4. These words inspire and comfort.

    Health and peace!


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