Monday, February 18, 2013

Prophetic Signs

"I am the Light that exposes injustice
and reveals what has been done in darkness:

Many who prophesy in My name have spoken
as if the United States and Israel were founded
on righteousness and according to My word.
They do not want to see in their foundation
the signature marks of the wicked one,
who came to the land to steal, kill and destroy.

They choose to proclaim that the roots
of the United States and Israel are righteous,
and they call their people to honor their foundation.
They prophesy about the their nations being
a light of Biblical values, justice and freedom
among the nations and in the end times!

I have protected a remnant of the oppressed
—a remnant of Native Americans and Palestinians—
who survive as a continuing cry from My heart,
a call to the United States and Israel
to repent of injustice, tyranny, pride and lies,
and to instead embrace My commandment of love.

Their existence is an inconvenient stumbling block
to the pride of the United States and Israel,
a witness and testimony to heaven and earth
that no matter what 'prophets' may proclaim in My name,
I am not the founding father of their nations
which were built on the blood of 'the least of these'.

The founding father of the United States and Israel
has stolen, killed and destroyed generations
of precious people whom I died for on the Cross.
Generations of them remain devastated,
ignored and denied by those who prophesy politics
and conservative agendas instead of My kingdom.

Even those who embrace My truth and My ways
are pressured to reverence and not blaspheme
the foundation of the United States and Israel.
They are told, 'Speak only of the blessed greatness
of our nation as compared to other nations;
do not put your minor sufferings in the way of our destiny.'

But I am He who loves mercy and justice,
and My throne is founded on righteousness.
It is not My kingdom that they are prophesying!
My testimony and My commands are not their foundation;
they are not following the Lamb who was slain,
but the roaring of a lion that devours."


Art: "Out of God's Way"


  1. Yes. The least of these no longer matter to the church. Most pay more for the light bill than they do for humanitarian efforts. And the blacks and Indians and Palestinians? Past history, they say, let's move on and play date setting. Sad.

  2. These words and this painting give voice to what Father has spoken to my heart... if LOVE is missing from our hearts then HE is missing from our lives.


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