Friday, February 22, 2013

Holding On to Straw

Yesterday as I was writing to a friend, God reminded me of a dream
which I had many years ago. It came about a year after I had left an "apostolic-prophetic" network that I had been connected to (for about a year).

I was with leaders from the apostolic-prophetic network and their friends in other ministries, and we were in an upper room that had a table in the middle, but they weren't sitting at the table. The network's leader was near it, but most of them were standing, hanging out and talking with each other off to the side of the table.

We were talking enthusiastically about what some of the leaders had said, and I was glad to have been included. We had notes and pamphlets, and we had coffee (I had made theirs, and one of them had made mine). But as everyone talked,
I held back from saying some things that I didn't feel right about.

Then I was away from them around to the other side of the table, and I saw that I was holding onto a bundle of some dry blades of grass and stalks of straw, which they had given me. I set it on the table and then went around the table to where the network's leader was and told him some of the things I had wanted to say.
Then I saw that I had put the bundle of straw in his hands.

I looked on the table and saw some gold like dust that had seemed to have fallen from the bundle of straw. For a moment I doubted and wondered if the whole bundle was gold, even though I could see that the grass blades were thin, dry, and about to fall apart. He felt it was important for me to keep, and I wanted to please him.
Holding the bundle again, I went back to the table and set it on the gold
that seemed to have fallen from it earlier.

Suddenly a strong wind blew behind us, as if a hole opened up behind us and sucked everything towards it. I held onto the table and my legs flew in the air behind me,
but I had no trouble holding onto the table and didn't need to use any strength at all.
When the wind stopped a moment later, the bundle of straw was gone,
but the gold had remained on the table, melted like wax in long strips.
The network leaders and their friends were gone.

A word from the Lord:

"My children, I have prepared a table for you—My Son!
My Son is the only true foundation,
and only in Him can you fellowship with one another.

But many of you have gathered around your own prophecies!
You are moving away from the only true foundation
and are luring away many of My children with your teaching.

You flatter with your 'prophecies' until you are flattered back
and make My children afraid to let go of your teaching,
causing them to doubt what I have taught them.

But I am calling My children back to My Son
—back to the only true foundation—
and they will keep only what I have taught them.

I will sweep away all that is straw,
and only what is true will remain.
Will you hold on to Him or to your straw?"

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