Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Cold Reality

"Hear My rebuke! Because I love you,
I am going to say the very thing
that you do not want Me to tell you:

I am not your God, America.

You do not know Me.
I am not the founder of your nation
or your nation's freedom.

Your nation was founded on the blood of native peoples
and on the war you fought for money—for taxes.
Your 'liberty' was established
by your own hands, not by Mine.
Your greed was your 'scripture'
and your righteousness was your own.

Your god is Mammon, America.
Your god commands violence to bring about freedom,
but I command love whether in freedom or in chains.

Your freedom can be taken away
(and so you live in the unrest of unceasing vigilance),
but My freedom cannot be taken away
by any power in heaven or earth.

I am not the author of your prosperity.

You have not earned My blessings with your righteousness,
for My blessings cannot be earned, and you are not righteous.
Your prosperity did not come because you followed My values,
but because you valued your profit over your neighbor.

What elaborate rationales you have developed
in order to justify your greed!
What blindness you have embraced
in order to believe in your nation's righteousness!
What blood has been shed
in order to protect your 'interests'!

I am He who taught and commanded the way of agape love,
but you have established and defended your country
with the ways of Babylon.

Leave Babylon! Leave your ways in your hearts!
Come out of the spirit of Babylon
before its fall crushes your heart!"


Art: "If I Have Not Love"


  1. What I was indoctrinated with is still trying to fight back with what I know is the truth. This is the truth! Reading Matthew again today - been awhile. More of the veil gone - the truth glaringly brighter - in huge contrast to the values of my country.


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