Monday, February 18, 2013

Eschatalogical Fantasies

"Many are saying that I am coming soon,
and many are talking of coming troubles.
They say, 'Prophecy is about to be fulfilled!'
And when terrible times come,
they believe that they will stand
as teachers of the way of righteousness.

They say that judgment is coming
upon unbelievers because of their sins,
therefore unbelievers must believe
and get on 'the right side' in the world—
because, they say, God is on their side
and will destroy all who don't stand with them.

Their concern is with shining their own light
instead of with those who suffer and grieve;
they are captivated by their ethereal visions
of how they believe 'end-time events' will unfold
and how to stay on the 'right side'
instead of seeing with the compassion I commanded.

Their 'end times' teachings are fantasies—
dreams that come from their pride
instead of from My Spirit!
Do not be led astray from My commands
and My love for your enemies!
Do not be deceived by the howling of wolves!"


Art: "In the Time of the End"

1 comment:

  1. Yes and amen. regardless of when Jesus comes His commands to us remain the same. Being obsessive about pinning the tail on the antichrist and suggesting we know times and dates, which Jesus said are in the Father's hands, are little more than clandestine forms of self righteousness.


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