Monday, February 25, 2013

"From My Love"

"Weep! Weep, My prophets! Look!

I am a name that is used to condemn enemies
instead of to forgive them!

I am a name used to declare judgment
instead of to declare grace!

I am a name used to justify 'rights'
instead of to lift up the poor!

I am a name used to separate
instead of to reconcile!

I am a name used to bring contention
instead of to bring healing!

I am just a name to many who profess My name,
instead of a real Lord with a real heart!

Let your tears fall, My prophets!
I am calling you to testify in tears
to those who have closed their hearts to Me!

Sow with My tears, with My broken heart
and love for My beloved prodigal children!
I will not let any tear fall in vain."


Art: "Alive to Him"

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