Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Do Not Fear What They Fear"

"To My people in Babylon,

I have put you in the midst
of those who claim to worship Me
but who follow the teachings
of a different 'Christ'.

I have called you to intercede
for your neighbors and your family
whose hearts are set on the
desires of Babylon the Great.

I have set you like a light
on a hill in the time of darkness,
and a beacon of My love and grace
to many who live in law and fear.

Stand firm in My teachings
and do not be afraid of what they fear.
Do not be distracted by
what they call conspiracy.

I have given you one gospel,
one King, one kingdom
and one salvation—
stand in My faithfulness.

The hopes of Babylon will fall,
the kingdoms of the earth will disappear,
the pride of the nations will vanish;
but those who hope in Me will endure forever."


Art: "Standing On Sand"

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