Monday, September 15, 2014

"In Danger of Not Knowing Me"


Many who praise My name
are following the ways
of a different Spirit—
they prepare for war,
seek riches, love power,
and glory in their patriotism.


Many who worship in My name
do not know what manner
of spirit they are of—
they use My name to judge
and to condemn those
who do not yet know My ways!


Many who profess to be My people
have caused My name to be
blasphemed among the nations
because they have used My name
to steal, kill, and destroy those
they believed were My enemies!


Many who proclaim to spread My kingdom
are spreading the kingdoms of the world—
they use the ways of the world
in order to gain its possessions
and build for themselves
a kingdom of the world!

Danger! You are in danger, My beloved!
Repent and learn again My ways,
My manner of spirit,
and the meaning of My name!"


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