Friday, September 05, 2014

The Hour of Tribulation

To the remnant—

I am preparing to open the sixth seal.
The time of tribulation is upon you.
I have called you for this hour.

Many who have not heard My heart
will become paralyzed by the
increase of calamities on the earth.

I will lay bare the hearts of those
who profess My name but who
worship the works of their hands.

Do not fear the those who
accuse you of siding with enemies,
but pray for their deliverance.

Remember that I loved them
and forgave them from the Cross;
you also must intercede for them.

The end is near, therefore be sober
and keep your eyes fixed upon
the grace I have given you freely.

I am He who holds all things
in My hand—those who love Me
as well as those who do not.

I am coming soon,
therefore love as I have loved you,
even while you were My enemies."


Art: "Discerning the Times"

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