Saturday, September 20, 2014

Outpouring of Delusion

"Prosperity! Power! Wonders!
A powerful spirit of delusion
has poured out upon My people!

My command to take up the cross
has been thrown down
and the 'good news' of this spirit
has taken its place!

My people have been seduced
by the love of money,
the promise of prosperity,
and the lust for signs and wonders!

My people cannot discern
what comes from My Spirit
and what comes from
the spirit of delusion!

Open your eyes, My people!
Turn away from the riches of the world
and pick up the cross
which you have thrown down!

Repent of your lust for signs and wonders!
Stop trying to use My name
and My power to satisfy
the idols of your heart!

Repent and return to Me
before it is too late!"


Art: "A Powerful Move"

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