Sunday, September 07, 2014

Justice Is Coming

"The time is near when
all things shall be fulfilled.

The glory of the Lord
—My love in My Son—
will cover the earth just as
the water covers the sea.

The last shall be first,
and the first shall be last—
the proud shall be humbled,
and those who have been shamed
shall be clothed with joy.

My name shall no longer be misused,
but shall be the everlasting
expression of love and peace.

There will be no more confusion;
there will be no more false prophets;
there will be no more exploitation
of the weak or the innocent;
there will be no more abuse
nor using My name for financial gain;
instead there will be healing.

I will bring justice for the oppressed
and I will restore what has been stolen.
I will redeem all suffering.
I am coming to make all things right."


Art: "Where Is Justice?"

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