Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Do Not Leave the Cross in the End Times

"Why are many of My people
looking to Israel as if it is the
center of the book of Revelation?

Why are many marginalizing the Cross
and setting aside My command
to carry the cross?

The end times will be
like the days before
the fall of Jerusalem:

As I was in the world,
so My disciples will be
a stumbling stone to the world
because they follow Me
and obey My command to love.

As the nations rage against each other
My disciples will be accused of treason
because they obey My law of love.

They will be put out of the synagogue
—they will be put out of churches—
because they do not follow
the zealotry of those
who put nation and place
above Me and My commands.

Do not be led astray from My commands
by false teachers and false prophets.
Those who marginalize Me
with their interpretation of Revelation
and urge My people to forsake their cross
are false teachers and false prophets.
Do not follow them!

Hold onto Me and My commands!"


Art: "The Center of the End Times"

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  1. Amen!!! The cross is the plumb line of God's love!!! Period!!!


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