Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Us & Them

Look at them!
They are evil!
They are inhuman!
They are monsters!

Don't tell me
that my ancestors
did similar things—
they had good reasons;

Or they didn't
represent the "true"
But these ones,
they are evil

Don't tell me
that not all of them
are like that;
These are the real ones

Don't interrupt
or inconvenience
my broad brush strokes
and my demonizing

Don't confront me
with living people
who don't fit into
my generalizations

Listen to me—
not to any of them
Believe what I say
Not what any of them say

I tell you who they are
They don't know who they are
I know the truth about them
They don't know the truth

Don't bother talking to them
Don't bother getting to know them
They will only deceive you
They will only corrupt you

Listen to me
Define them as I say
Don't waste your time
with any of them

— Iron-Seared Conscience


Art: "The Judger"

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