Sunday, March 15, 2015

Messengers On the Wind

"My prophets,

I am sending you
to deliver My word
in a time of darkness.

Some will recognize you
as My messengers,
but most will not.

My word will speak to those
whose hearts have been
prepared by My Spirit,
but those who only look on
the appearance of the bearer
will reject My word.

Most of you will not come
with the 'official' status or office
that they look for and require,
but you will be My messengers
whether they recognize you or not.

The word I give you to speak
will not be the word which
they want to listen to:
they desire to hear the patriotism
and the nationalism they love—
the glory of Israel and America.

You will be rejected and accused,
but when you speak My words
it will not be you, but instead Me
whom they reject and accuse.

I will send you to many
who have turned away from Me,
and to other places you do not expect.

You will not know where
the wind will take you,
but I will carry you.

You only need
to rest in Me.
I am with you."


Art: "Sacred Messenger"

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