Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Disciples of 'Israel'

"My people have fallen
for another lover!
My people have given
their hearts to 'Israel'
and have become
his disciples.

They have left My teachings
and sit at the feet of a new master.
His word is gospel to them,
while My word is negotiable
and can be re-interpreted
to conform to the will of 'Israel.'

Woe! They have replaced
the Cross with the Star of David!
Woe! They have embraced rebellion
and the ways of Barabbas!

Who can see clearly
with such veiled hearts and eyes?
I am sending My prophets
to call My rebellious people
back to My commands,
for the world knows them now
as disciples of 'Israel'
instead of by My agape love.

But just as Jeremiah was rebuked
for prophesying against Jerusalem,
so many of My rebellious people
will condemn My prophets."


Art: "Kingdom Before King"

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