Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Prophetic Call

"Are you willing to be called
a 'false prophet' for My sake?
Will you declare My word
and speak My heart
even if others call you this?

Are you willing to be called
rebellious, a deceiver, a divider,
and an apostate for My sake?
Will you testify as I command
even if you are labeled this way?

Are you willing to be shunned,
spoken against, warned about,
and denounced for My sake?
Will you obey My Spirit
even if you are treated this way?

I am calling you
to declare My word,
to speak My heart,
to testify as I command,
and to obey My Spirit.

I have promised that
I will never leave you
and I will never forsake you.
My prophets have always
been treated this way:

The world has always hated them,
mistreated them and denounced them;
and I have always been with them,
I have always suffered with them
and I have always sustained them.

I am with you.
As you carry My heart,
I will carry you."


Art: "Rejected Again"

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