Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Spirit of Antichrist and Apostasy

"When My people declare
another 'way' to earn My blessings
aren't they setting aside
My Son's sacrifice,
the offense of the Cross,
and proclaiming that He is not The Way?

When My people declare
that the way to gain My favor
comes through devotion
to the circumcision,
aren't they declaring that My Son's
flesh and blood are not enough?

When My people declare
that My blessings come
through the circumcision
aren't they declaring that My Son
is not the Seed of Abraham
who is the fulfillment of My promises?

When My people declare
that My will is for them
to 'stand with Israel'
before they apply and follow
My Son's teachings and commands
aren't they preaching lawlessness?

When My people declare another way,
another flesh and another law,
is this not rebellion in My temple?
Is this not denying My Son in the flesh?
Is this not the great apostasy?
Is this not the spirit of antichrist?"


Art: "These Are Your Gods"

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