Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Confront Deception!"

"Confront Deception!"

"Awake! Awake! Awake, My people! Look! Look! Look and see! My Word has been confused by deception in your midst! My Word has been divided and made null! My people have been made blind to the plain words of Scripture! My people are told that My words do not apply to them, but only to the circumcision! My people are told that they will not go through tribulation! My people are told that My will is for them to foment territorial war in the Middle East! My people are taught to be in awe of shadows of the Old Testament instead of living in the light of the New Testament!

"Wake up! Wake up, My people! Blow the trumpet of the gospel! Shine forth in the simplicity of My Son! Wake up the sleeping church and confront the enemy who has brought confusion through dispensationalism! Wake up before daylight ends and darkness overtakes you!"


See also: "Battle Trumpet" (art link)

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  1. God, send forth more human trumpets to wake up the sleeping church!


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