Sunday, August 21, 2011

End-Time Distractions

"End-Time Distractions"

"There will be no easy 'battle lines' which you can use to know that you are with the righteous. There will be no guarantee that you will not be touched by calamity. There will be no place you can run to which will be safe from persecution.

"You will have no other way but Me in the last days. I have not given you a map to navigate your way; I have not given you a schedule of 'events'; I have not given you a book of symbols that can be interpreted—and indeed no one has interpreted it correctly, for those who sought to intepret were seeking a map and seeking a schedule. I am not calling you to seek those things; I am calling you to seek Me instead.

"I will be your place of safety. I will be your eternal life though your body perishes. I will be your guide in the darkness. I will be your comfort, and I will send you to bring comfort to those who cannot see during the night."

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