Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Judgment of God

"The Judgment of God"

"Why do so many of you believe that I judge and punish nations based on their failure to acknowledge My name in their laws and policies? Why do you believe that I seek the professing of My name among leaders and in the laws of your kingdoms? Don't you know that My kingdom is not of this world? Don't you know that professing My name did not change the heart of ancient Israel, produce righteousness in the land or avert judgment?

"You are looking on the outside of things, but I look at hearts. You are looking at laws, but I am looking at My Son. You are judging by the Law, but I am judging by the Cross. You are judging by the Ten Commandments, but I am judging by the Beatitudes.

"You believe My wrath comes when people commit sin, but I tell you that My wrath fell on My Son on the Cross for your sins. Now My wrath is reserved for those who reject My agape love given to you on the Cross. My wrath is reserved for those who live against My command to agape one another as I gave agape to you.

"And My wrath will not be poured out until I have first disciplined you for your own good. I have written that judgment begins at the house of God, among the people bearing My name, and so I will first discipline you for your own good, so that you will not be condemned with the world.

"Stop judging by appearances and make a right judgment."

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