Sunday, February 19, 2012

"As I Walked"

"As I Walked"

"Be as I was in the world:
I did not seek the praises, acknowledgement, or recognition
of the kingdoms of the earth or their rulers.
I became nothing—serving instead of being served.

"I have called My servants to walk as I did:
in humility, not seeking that which I did not.
I do not want My servants to get for Me the praises,
the acknowledgement or recognition of the kingdoms of the earth.

"I have called you to love each another—even your enemies—as I loved you.
Do not claim to be part of My kingdom if you use means I did not,
and do not profess to be My servants if you do not walk in love as I walked.
Do not try to win crowns for Me that I refused to take for Myself!"


Art: "I Keep You With Me"

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