Saturday, February 18, 2012

"So That You May See"

"So That You May See"

"My children, many of you are seeking 'the prophetic',
'the supernatural', and miraculous 'signs and wonders',
not realizing that you are seeking to discern by sight.
Seeing signs, miracles and wonders seems more 'real' to you
than knowing Me by faith and knowing Me in the Spirit.

"But I have hidden Myself and My majesty from your sight
so that you can know My heart,
which I revealed to you on the Cross.
I want you to seek My agape love—
the love with which I first loved you while you were My enemies.

"I have hidden Myself from your sight because I love you,
and I want to share My heart with you—
the love which carried the Cross for you.
Will you seek My heart?
Or will you keep trying to take My hands away?"


Art Link: "God Who Hides"

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