Tuesday, February 07, 2012

'Born This Way'

"Nobody has ever heard of opening the eyes of a man born blind."
(from John 9)

"I am the One who loves you fully.
I love you just as you are,
and I love you so much that I ask you to let Me heal you.
I love you too much to leave you hurt, wounded, conflicted and confused.

"I know you say that you 'know who you are,'
but I am your Father:
I knew you before you were born,
and I am He who formed you in the womb.

"My child, you were born into a fallen creation,
and all of creation groans for redemption.
You, too, are groaning for redemption,
though maybe you don't acknowledge it.

"I am He who redeems,
and I am He who makes you into a new creation.
I will heal your heart and make it new.
Will you trust Me with your heart?"


To the Church:

"But who has judged the hearts of homosexuals
and wounded them more than any other people?
It is you, My church!

"Have you cared about their hearts
or only about changing them to produce good behavior?
Why do so few of them turn to Me for comfort?
Isn't it because they cannot see My love in you
in you who care about them only to change them?

"Did you receive My love by becoming righteous?
Was it your transformation, purification and perfection
that caused Me to love and accept you?

"I am He who identified with transgressors,
and I am He who commands you:
Love one another as I have loved you."

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