Saturday, February 11, 2012

'For Better Or For Worse'

'For Better Or For Worse'

"My heart is broken! My heart is broken!
Who will want the pieces of My broken heart?
Who would ask to know the cries and pains of My heart?

"My people ask Me for the joy of My heart,
but leave Me alone when I speak of being lonely in the church.
I am popular when I speak about the outside world,
but when I tell My people about themselves
they do not want to listen to Me.

"Who will weep with Me for My people?
Who will mourn with Me?
Who will trust that My burden is light
even though it seems heavy at first?
Who will stay with Me through the night of weeping
and come to the joy in the morning?

"Who is interested in knowing My whole heart?"


Art link:
"Picking Up The Pieces"

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